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Pitch Deck

Working on a movie, need a well designed Pitch Deck?

In the fiercely competitive landscape of the film industry, a professionally crafted pitch deck is the cornerstone that can elevate your movie from a mere concept to a captivating cinematic experience. A meticulously structured pitch deck serves as your cinematic calling card, a powerful tool that not only captures the essence of your vision but also entices investors, production houses, and collaborators by showcasing the strategic blend of creative prowess and financial viability. Let your pitch deck be the beacon that illuminates your creative brilliance, attracting the support and resources necessary to transform your celluloid dreams into a mesmerizing reality.

Pitch Deck services are between $80 to $200 per page depending on the complexity.

Major Moment to be included in your Pitch Deck (you create the idea and I'll rewrite it for you)

  • Title and Logline that represent the essence of the film to encapsulate the premise and hooks the interest of important to this Pitch Deck parties

  • Synopsis:

  • A brief overview of the storyline, highlighting the main characters, their motivations, and the central conflict.

  • Market Analysis:

  • Insightful data and research on the target audience, including demographics, market trends, and audience preferences.

  • Relevant Comparison with successful movies within the same genre to demonstrate the potential market appeal.

  • Unique Selling Proposition (USP)

  • to define what sets the movie apart from others, emphasizing its unique elements, themes, or innovative storytelling techniques.

  • Director and Key Team Members:

  • Introduce the director's background and notable achievements.

  • Highlight the experience and contributions of key creative and production team members, 

  • Visual Concepts and Mood Board presentation of the film's aesthetic to convey visual style atmosphere.

  • Outline of Production Phases

  • Budget breakdown and financing strategy.

  • Marketing and Distribution Strategy:

  • Marketing and promotional activities (potential partnerships, film festivals, digital marketing initiatives)

  • Distribution Plan Outline

  • Financial Projections: (anticipated revenue streams, potential profit margins, return on investment)

  • Call to Action (seeking funding, partnerships, or endorsements, etc.)

  • Let's not forget the NDA to protect all parties involved!

By incorporating these elements into the pitch deck, together we can effectively communicate the creative vision, market potential, and financial viability of the movie, increasing the chances of generating interest and securing necessary support from potential investors, production and future distribution companies.

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